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A Suffolk man is fighting for his life in the hospital after he was shot early this morning. 

Newport News dispatch received a call at 1:54am in regard to a shooting in the 500 block of 45th street. 

When officers got on scene, they found the man with a life-threatening gunshot wound to his stomach. 

Medics took him to the hospital. 

The incident started out as an argument in the 4000 block of Jefferson Avenue. 

The argument continued to 45th street. 

At some point, police say the shooter took off in the victim’s car. 

Police say it’s unclear if the victim and suspect  knew each other. 

Detectives say the victim is a 52 year old Suffolk man, and officers are still looking for the shooter. 


Norfolk police officer Michael Edington said that he felt David Latham was a threat and to his own family the night he died. 

Under oath, Edington took the stand, and told the jury Latham was standing in the doorway of his house, holding a knife in his hand and waving it. 

Edington said he repeatedly told Latham to put down the weapon, but Latham said no. 

Then, Edington told the jury Latham took a small side step, which made Edington start shooting. 

The Commonwealth’s attorney tried to point out inconsistencies in Edington’s story. 

Prosecutors say Edington never mentioned anything about Latham taking a step in police interviews. 

The commonwealth insinuated Latham never took a step, then asked Edington if he made that upnto justify the shooting. Edington responded no. 

The City of Newport News received a request from the developers of the Plaza at Jefferson shopping center. The request asks that city council push the vote for rezoning over it’s new proposed location. 

City council planned to vote on the rezoning tomorrow night, but the developer asked that it be moved back until June 14. 

In a letter, Kaufman & Canoles asked that the vote be pushed back so they can respond to the community’s comments and concerns, and they need additional time to prepare. 

City council will now vote tomorrow night on if they want to push the vote back until June 14.

Tears flowed from a defendant and plaintiff  in a Virginia Beach courtroom today after a judge declared both women are parents to their child .

Karen and Lauren Poole were both legally married in Maryland in 2013. 

Once they got married, the couple decided to use a sperm donor to impregnate Karen. 

The couple eventually got divorced, prompting a custody battle. 

Today, the judge ruled Lauren Poole is in fact a “parent” to her son, even though she is not biologically related to him. 

This means, she can proceed to attempt to get shares custody of her child. That hearing will be at a later date. 

When the judge announced his decision, Karen broke down in tears. Lauren had tears of happiness. 

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