Norfolk police officer Michael Edington said that he felt David Latham was a threat and to his own family the night he died. 

Under oath, Edington took the stand, and told the jury Latham was standing in the doorway of his house, holding a knife in his hand and waving it. 

Edington said he repeatedly told Latham to put down the weapon, but Latham said no. 

Then, Edington told the jury Latham took a small side step, which made Edington start shooting. 

The Commonwealth’s attorney tried to point out inconsistencies in Edington’s story. 

Prosecutors say Edington never mentioned anything about Latham taking a step in police interviews. 

The commonwealth insinuated Latham never took a step, then asked Edington if he made that upnto justify the shooting. Edington responded no.